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Exam Results

GCSE Results Day 2020

We would like to congratulate all of our students.  Our Year 11 students have built on last year's improvement as 65% of students achieved a Level 4 or above in English and 67% achieved a level 4 or above in Maths.   132 grades between 7-9 were awarded and 559 grades between 4-6 were awarded to our students.  A number of our students have achieved high results; Precious Blackstock achieved Grade 8 in English Language and English Literature, Grade 7 in Geography, Grade 6 in Maths and Biology, Grade 5 in Chemistry, Grade 4 in Physics and RE and is awaiting her BTEC grades.  Students who made the highest progress, adding between two and four grades due to exceptional hard work across all of their subjects, are Arber Koci, Hermela Ghaym, Amelia Gorska, Precious Blackstock, James Fitzgerald, James Lusanta and Max Trinder Jones. In all twenty students across the school made two whole grades across all subjects of additional progress.
This success will be added to shortly by a large number of BTEC grades which means our students will have even more to celebrate.
We look forward to welcoming many of our students back to Sixth Form where they will build on this success.

GCSE Results





Progress 8

-0.13 -0.5


Attainment 8 Points

40 36.3


Grade 4 or above in English and Maths GCSEs

51% 42%


Grade 5 or above in English and Maths GCSEs

33% 26%


Students Entered for EBacc

11% 12%


EBacc Average Point Score 2018 onwards (previously percentage of students completing EBacc)

3.24 2.94


Percentage of students staying in education or entering employment after Key Stage 4 (Destinations)

89% 95%


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