St Gregory the Great Catholic School

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Leadership Team 


Name Position Responsibility
Ms L Caldwell Headteacher Catholic Life
Mr S Masterson Deputy Headteacher Safeguarding / Behaviour
Mrs K McCabe Assistant Headteacher Quality of Education

Subject Leaders and Heads of Faculty

Who does What?

Subject Leaders and Heads of Faculty are senior teachers who are in charge of particular subject areas. They will work closely with Subject Teachers, Form Tutors and with the SENCo.

A Subject Leader is responsible for one subject area, whilst a Head of Faculty is generally responsible for more than one subject (for example, Head of Science with overall responsibility for Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Psychology) or for a core subject area (such as RE).  A Head of Faculty may be supported by Subject Leaders in their individual areas.

Monitoring Student Progress

Subject Leaders monitor the performance of students in their subject, and are trained in data management so as to compare students across year groups and evaluate their progress in comparison with local and national targets. Subject Leaders in St Gregory’s are encouraged to set aspirational targets for students with the intention that students will feel that ’the sky’s the limit’.

Working with Teachers

Subject Leaders are responsible for the quality of teaching and learning in their department and the well-being of staff and students in their subject.  They work closely with Subject Teachers and with Senior Leaders. They will organise schemes of work, advise teachers, lead on curriculum choices and provide cover where staff are unavoidably absent. All Subject Leaders and Heads of Faculty have a substantial teaching load and aspire to lead by example, modelling excellent teaching and learning for their department.

Monitoring Behaviour

Subject Leaders and Heads of Faculty will monitor student behaviour in their subject so as to ensure that it is conducive to learning. If necessary, they may support staff by requiring a student to leave the classroom temporarily so as to work with them or to work in another classroom. Student refusal to comply with the instructions of a Subject Leader or Head of Faculty is a serious breach of school protocol and will be treated as such.  All Subject Leaders and Heads of Faculty are trained in de-escalating conflict.

Any concerns about your child’s progress in a particular subject should be addressed in the first instance to the Subject Teacher. If it is still not resolved, then it should be referred first to the Subject Leader and if this does not result in a satisfactory outcome, then to the Head of Faculty.

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