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Key Stage 3 Assessment


We have revised our system to focus on the knowledge and skills required in Key Stage 3 as preparation for GCSEs.  There will be two reporting times in a year at which either effort or effort and progress will be reported on. The effort grade is a number from 4 to 1 where 4 is given to an independent learner and 1 is given to a student who is a cause for concern and not likely to make progress. 


The progress grade is based on a task completed in the term which is given three possible outcomes and the teacher matches the outcome numbered 3, 2, 1 to the student's prior attainment. This is then fine graded at a, b and c to show whether they are fluent at that level, secure or developing. So for each term, a student will be assessed and the outcomes will be above, at, or below age related expectation.  Then this will be matched against the student's starting point and most recent data drop to show whether their progress is red, amber, green or red.  Red is two grades below expected progress, amber is one grade below expected progress, green is at expected progress and blue is exceeding expected progress.