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Remote Learning

Live Lesson Timetable Week 24

Remote learning from Thursday 11th March will cease for all students unless they are isolating at home with COVID-19. For those students that are isolating, all work will continue to be uploaded to Google Classroom for them to access and complete. If paper copies of work are required we would ask that parents and carers inform their child's Year Leader and work packs will be posted to home.

Here's what you need to know about Live Lessons and Remote Learning:

Tutor time will run every day. This will allow tutors to check in with students and make sure they know their timetable for the day and what work they have to complete at home.  It will also support students to develop a good routine during this period of remote learning, and solve any problems about access, as they arise.

Lessons will start 10 minutes into the usual lesson time and will run until the end of the usual lesson time. This will allow teachers, who may also be teaching face-to-face lessons, time to set up the Live Lesson.

This will mean that:

* P1 Live lessons will start at 9.15 am

* P2 Live lessons will start at 10.15 am

* P3 Live lessons will start at 11.35 am

* P4 Live lessons will start at 12.35 pm

* P5 Live lessons will start at 2.20 pm

Live lessons are usually for the whole year group (with the possible exceptions of maths and science) and most will run through the Year Group Google Classroom by one teacher.  Your teachers and Year Leaders will send reminders through your year classroom and the subject classroom.  Year 11 lessons are with the usual subject teacher.

During live lessons you must have your camera and your microphone off. You may be invited to turn your microphone on so that you can participate in the lesson, or asked to use the chat feature. The chat feature must not be used for anything other than to ask your teacher a question or answer questions.

We expect excellent standards of behaviour and courtesy to others during live lessons.

Live lessons are just one part of your remote learning. Teachers will continue to set work for the week that compliments, and is supported by, the live lessons. This work will be set through Subject Classrooms.

Any work you are asked to complete should be submitted by the Monday of each week. You can do this by photographing work you have completed on paper, emailing documents, uploading documents to Google Classroom or to Show My Homework.

If you are having difficulty accessing the Google Classroom, or any of the resources, please let your teacher, your tutor or your Year Lead know.  We can make alternative arrangements for you.

Submitting Completed Work

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Behaviour Expectations for Remote Learning

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Remote Learning | Information for Parents

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 Remote Learning Parent Information.pdfDownload
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