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This page is dedicated to helping students with an integral yet sometimes, dreaded, part of their education - revision.  Many students find it difficult to find an approach to revision that suits them but here, there are some practical hints and tips and also, links to useful websites that will hopefully help students to approach their revision successfully. Much of the support is aimed at GCSE students, however, the hints and tips can be applied to all exams in all year groups.


GCSE Revision Timetable

YR11 Exam Revision Programme 2022

Useful Websites for Revision

Seneca  This is a website that students can sign up to and provides a fun way to study and revise for KS3, GCSEs and A Levels.

GCSEPod Expertly written, knowledge rich content for 27 GCSE/ IGCSE subjects, GCSEPod make it easy to blend learning and revise from wherever you are, on any device and is particularly suited to remote learning. 

Quizlet  This website allows you to search millions of study sets of flashcards, games and more  or, indeed, create your own

Memrise  This website helps students to study languages.

Useful videos

Video on how to use revision cards successfully.

Additional Support

For extra support in reading, writing, maths and organisation, please go to our Dyslexia Support page where a whole host of useful websites are listed.