St Gregory the Great Catholic School

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Form Tutors

Your First Point of Contact

Our Form Tutors are the first point of contact for parents and carers, and the person who starts off your child’s day in school. They will check in the morning that your child has the correct uniform and the equipment necessary to start the day.  Should there be any temporary uniform or equipment problems, the Form Tutor should be the first to know.  So do please communicate with them about these, or any other issues that may affect your child in school.


Your child’s Form Tutor will be the person who is most immediately concerned with your child’s wellbeing at school. If your child is worried or concerned about anything their Form Tutor should be the first person that they or you contact to try and resolve matters.  If you know that something at home may affect your child’s mood in school, please make sure that you let their form tutor know so that other staff can be informed as appropriate.  All staff are trained in safeguarding and will be thoughtful and sympathetic in responding to confidential information whilst always bearing safeguarding parameters in mind.

Daily Routines

Form Tutors meet with students every morning and are responsible for starting the day with a prayer, leading children through our PSHE programme and working with them on literacy and numeracy whole-school initiatives.  They will check that students are doing well in lessons, behaving appropriately and will raise any concerns with the child themselves in the first instance. On assembly day they will prepare your child for assembly by lining up with them and reminding them of our assembly protocols (silent entry, respectful attention) and they then stay with them throughout.

Home Contact

Form Tutors will monitor attendance and behaviour and may contact you directly if they have concerns about your child or to pass on praise for what they have done in school.  If they feel that your child needs some support in order to remember their targets they may put your child on a report (electronic or paper) so as to monitor how they are doing with regard to agreed targets for effort and behaviour and will feed back to you about this kind of monitoring.


We organise each year group so that students are located in a particular area of the school and work with a team of Tutors drawn from the subjects located there. This allows us to ensure that communications within the year group are good and are reinforced by subject connections.  It also means that if a tutor is absent for any reason,  there is someone from the same department area available to step in, who will know the concerns of the year group and be familiar with the students.

Working Together 

Form Tutors work closely with the Attendance Officer, Pastoral Leaders and with the Year Leader for their year group, as well as, with Subject Leaders or Heads of Faculty when it comes to matters of academic performance.  If your child has special educational needs, they will be fully informed about this and will also liaise closely with the SEND department.

Should you wish to contact your child's Form Tutor, please do so through the main School Office.