St Gregory the Great Catholic School

A Catholic School which champions each and every student


Clubs and Activities

Here at St. Gregory's we offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities ranging from choir and chess club to a number of sports clubs.  These take place at tutor time,  break times and after school giving all our students an opportunity to try their hand at something new or indeed, participate in an activity they already love.

 The timetable for our clubs and activities will be coming soon.

Please click here to view the timetable for extra-curricular sports.

Day Trips and Excursions

There are trips taking place throughout the year at St Gregory's and so far this year have included:

  • Geography fieldtrips to Studland Bay
  • Visiting the local Magistrates' Court, attending seminars and lectures at Oxford University as part of a series of events to commemorate 50 years since women workers at the Ford Factory, Dagenham fought for equal pay which led to the introduction of the Equal Pay Act of 1970
  • Visiting the Houses of Parliament
  • Visiting Jesus College Oxford

The school also enters into a host of local competitions such as basketball, football, cross-country, mock trials, maths challenges and the list goes on! 

Updates on how we do in these competitions can be found in our weekly bulletins.

Residential Retreats

In addition to the above activities, we also offer a variety of residential trips.  These include:

  • Year 7 and Year 8 Alton Castle Residential Retreat (November)
  • Year 9 Soli House Residential Retreat (April)
  • Year 10 St Cassians Kintbury Residential Retreat (June)
  • Year 11 St Cassians Kintbury Residential Retreat (January)
  • Sixth Form St Cassians Kintbury Residential Retreat (October)
  • Sixth Form Taize Pilgrimage, France Residential (July) 

These residentials contribute to the students' life experiences and enrichment.  They can help those students who are about to embark on exams, new courses or other life challenges and are aimed at relaxation and preparing mentally for any upcoming changes. During the Easter break we offered an additional residential trip whereby a group of students completed a pilgrimage to Rome.  Below are a few photos from the Rome trip.